Smile Makeovers

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, a Smile Makeover is an option.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most effective and permanent ways to improve your appearance – and your confidence. Dr. Urban understands the transformative nature of changing a persons smile, and all of the sensitivities that go along with that.

With Smile Makeovers, our goal is to give you a natural, beautiful smile – affordably.  With an artistic vision and extensive technical expertise, Dr. Urban treats your smile as a work of art that will bring a significant improvement to your life.

Before and after Images of a smile makeover.

Transform your smile.

She can help to solve difficult and costly dental issues so that you can proudly show off your teeth with confidence. Whether you need minor care or more intricate work, we are happy help give you a brighter way to express your personality.  We’ll transform your smile so you can transform your life!

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Dr. Urban consulting with a smile makeover patient using a dental model.

Dr. Urban will show you how she’ll go about creating your new smile.