Periodontal Health Care – What is it?

What is Periodontal Health Care?

Periodontal health care is crucial to the health of your entire body. Periodontal issues are serious gum conditions that can damage soft tissue and bone that supports your teeth. So proper maintenance of your mouth and gums can prevent tooth lose or worse. Bad breath, heart disease, strokes, and different forms of cancer can all result from poor periodontal health care. Therefore, taking care of your gums and your oral health means taking care of your life.

So what causes periodontitis? First, make sure to keep a lookout for swollen gums, tender gums, and movement of your teeth. Second, be aware of the plaque and tarter that can cause periodontal issues. Starches and sugars in food interact with the bacteria in your mouth that can ultimately cause decay. Plaque is formed from this and can cause damage the longer it is around.

To prevent any diseases, it’s best to maintain great periodontal care. It’s best to establish a good routine for your oral health. Brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Better yet, speak with your dentist for recommendations that will cater to your oral needs.

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