Dr. Urban’s secret brushing technique

Most of us were taught to brush in a circular motion over the teeth surfaces using a fluoride based toothpaste. Dr. Urban has a different method she teaches her patients, as she demonstrates in the … [Read more]

Don’t let the holidays wreck your oral hygiene

The holiday season is upon us, which for most means we are busy shopping for the perfect gift, or attending parties with family and friends. However, even with the hustle and bustle of the season, don’t let the holidays wreck your oral hygiene. Not … [Read more]


The National Institute of Health published a statement in August, 2016, stating that flossing does not prevent periodontal disease. Bacteria cover the teeth, including under the gum tissue, between the teeth. Floss is a tool to reach this area. … [Read more]

Is flossing optional? Urban Dentistry

ZOOM Teeth Whitening in Austin, TX

  Teeth Whitening By Urban Dentistry The eyes might be the window to the soul, but your teeth are just as important. Natural discoloration of the teeth happens to us all over time. The causes of teeth stains range from coffee, soda and wine … [Read more]

Affordable Austin Dentist

Urban Dentistry provides cost affordable and effective treatment for patients with a range of dental care needs. Having access to an affordable Austin dentist care resource can be necessary for those who face a variety of underlying medical … [Read more]

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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

If you're searching for a cosmetic dentist Austin residents can trust, Urban Dentistry is the place for you. Situated in the center of bustling South Congress, Urban Dentistry can take care of many of your cosmetic dentistry needs. If you're tired of … [Read more]

Before and after Images of a smile makeover.

Periodontal Health Care – What is it?

What is Periodontal Health Care? Periodontal health care is crucial to the health of your entire body. Periodontal issues are serious gum conditions that can damage soft tissue and bone that supports your teeth. So proper maintenance of your mouth … [Read more]

5 Reasons Why Dental Care is Important

5 Reasons Why Dental Care is Important It’s no coincidence that regular visits to the dentist are just as important as regular visits to your general doctor. Your oral health is a good window into the status of your overall health. It can show early … [Read more]